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Merry Christmas! 



Or should I say...Happy Fall???





Believe it or not, it's ALREADY that time of year to start thinking about Christmas cards and getting those pictures done! Along with about 5 million other things to try to get done every day...believe me, I know! 

BUT... Montana just keeps getting colder and the holidays will be here before you know it, so let's get this checked off the list!


Woohoo! You can feel accomplished EARLY!

Halloween Pumpkins
Drawing of Squirrel
Drawing of Hedgehog

Not into cheesy family pictures??

Don't neither!

This will be FUN and EASY with no overly forced posing

Pinky swear

And if you're wondering who will be "forcing" you to get dressed up and reluctantly smile

(I know how you think's no secret)


...Well that would be me!

Alicia Magnus

Someone who loves this state,

and is seriously passionate about what I do.


So come on...Let's do this!


Holiday Mini Sessions

20 minutes

Includes 10 digital images

Online gallery for 90 days


Additional Images $5 each

Entire gallery add on $75

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Still need some convincing??

Check out my home page where you can view

more about me, more photos and more galleries!

Send me a message so we can talk more!

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